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Wake Up with TFS
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Wake Up with TFS

Any of you who have spoken to Alice Lutz, our CEO, in the last 6 months have probably already heard our new agency mantra... we have been quietly helping families in crisis for 75 years and it is time to make some noise. This theme of "helping out loud" and serving as a "voice for the Triangle" will be obvious when you attend Wake Up with TFS, our annual breakfast on Thursday, Sept. 6 in the PNC Arena. This breakfast is held as a way to bring community members together and to recognize the leaders who have served on our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and a host of other committees over the last year. But we will also be celebrating this year and making a lot of noise. We have an amazing staff who tirelessly help our clients day in and day out. We have clients who work hard to improve their lives and want to inspire others to do the same. It's only an hour and a half of your time and you really don't want to miss it. Walking in the door last year it looked like a Who's Who for Raleigh when you glanced around the tables. The food is excellent, the program is brief, the conversation is stimulating and it is just a great way to spend a Thursday morning.

The good news is Alice shot down all of my ideas about how to make noise. Unfortunately there won't be any noise makers, staff cheers, or bullhorns. But there will be an opportunity to hear about the things an amazingly talented staff are doing to help your friends and neighbors in our community!

So go right now to our website and buy your tickets. Take some friends from your office. Head over with your spouse before you each start your days. See you there!

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