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At some point in all of our lives we will find ourselves or a loved one in a crisis situation that we never could have imagined. Triangle Family Services has been an integral part of the Triangle community for 78 years, stepping in to provide effective and innovative services to more than 13,000 families in crises each year with an overall 90% success rate.

Last year thousands of families were assisted through at least one of the TFS Three Service Focus Areas.

1. Family Safety:

A mother ran from New York to North Carolina to escape from a husband who beat her. She and her two children went from a life where she had a stable job and a home to living on the run between shelters, homeless. Working with TFS, the mother located housing and gained employment. $1,500 provided stable housing and the tools necessary for this mother to gain self-sufficiency.

2. Financial Stability:

A 39-year old single father who lost his wife in a car accident now faces homelessness due to the loss of his job. He has fallen behind on his rent and utilities. With his daughter away at summer camp, he comes to TFS for emergency housing assistance that keeps him and his daughter in their home rather than her returning to a homeless shelter. TFS utilizes $1,000 to stably house the family.

3. Mental Health:

After being kidnapped by a person with alcoholism and left in a parking lot forced to find her way back home, a child comes to TFS in need of mental health treatment and debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder. She can now sleep in her own bed and school performance has improved. $1,800 can provide mental health treatment to a child by a TFS Child Therapist.