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At some point in all of our lives we will find ourselves or a loved one in a crisis situation that we never could have imagined. Triangle Family Services has touched many lives like the ones below through their programs and services.

A 39-year old single father who lost his wife in a car accident now faces homelessness due to the loss of his job. He has fallen behind on his rent and utilities. With his daughter away at summer camp, he comes to TFS for emergency housing assistance that keeps him and his daughter in their home rather than her returning to a homeless shelter. TFS utilizes $1,000 to stably house the family.

After being kidnapped by an alcoholic neighbor and left at a local store, forced to find her way back home, an 8-year old after receiving mental health treatment at TFS for debilitating posttraumatic stress disorder, she has learned new coping strategies. She can now sleep in her own bed, ride her bike through her neighborhood again, and is doing well in school. $1,800 can provide mental health treatment to a child by a TFS Child Therapist.

A mother ran from New York to North Carolina to escape from a husband who beat her. She and her two children went from a life where she had a stable job and a home to living on the run between shelters, homeless. Working with TFS, the mother located housing and gained employment. $1,500 provided stable housing and the tools necessary for this mother to gain self-sufficiency.

TFS is proud of its innovative services, which include the following:
• Developing Opportunities for a Safer Environment (DOSE): One of the largest domestic abuser treatment programs in North Carolina.
• Time Together Supervised Visitation: This program allows a child to have a safe visit with the non-custodial parent in a domestic abuse situation.
• Consumer Credit Counseling Services: We offer in-depth financial analysis and training on budget building, bill paying and credit
• Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA): Families facing homelessness because of financial crisis come to EHA
• Mental Health: This program offers counseling by licensed clinicians and psychiatrists through a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures each client receives the most effective treatment possible.